Do it! JUMP!

What will happen….?


For years, while facilitating courses, I have described myself to participants as being a ‘Force Multiplier.’ Which by definition ‘are tools that help you amplify your effort to produce more output.’ I took this definition to mean for me, that I take the sum of my education and experience and use it to assist others, to propel them forward in their careers.

There was a period during my career, where I felt stagnant and there did not appear to be any growth opportunities within the organization. I believed that I had made use of the available resources internally, by taking on extra projects, going on a Secondment (work placement for development), acting in my direct line manager’s position. All of which, satisfied my growth needs at the time.

But, I felt I had hit a wall.

‘Without Risks, there’s no Reward’

Thomas Jefferson

Then one day, while watching a television show about entrepreneurship one of the persons on the show made a comment that resonated with me. My take on the original Thomas Jefferson quote (above) has been motivating me to act on my decisions ever since.

The past couple of years have been interesting; to say the least. I’ve been presented with new challenges and learned new things and not just from a professional standpoint, but for my personal growth also.

I recognize that taking unnecessary personal risks is NOT something you want to do. As we mature, we have a tendency to seek patterns of certainty to help us feel secure. However, you can paralyze your growth by staying ‘safe.’ Staying in patterns of ‘self preservation’ does not cultivate growth. Making a change in your life, disrupts those feelings of security. Shaking up the normal patterns of behavior will cause disruption. But, what comes out of it is a new way of thinking, seeing and believing.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a whole other mind set. One that I was never attracted to, because I watched my parents, particularly my mother ‘struggle’ with her businesses. While we never had a conversation about how she felt being a business owner; I could never know her highs and lows. But, I am certainly learning them now.

One of the reasons I decided to start my own consulting business is that I had begun to spend time with business owners who shared their stories with me. The common theme (they represent Restaurant, Retail, Entertainment), was that they had a passion for what they do and a drive to keep going. Which is what I’m guessing, upon reflection, is something my mother had. She never quit. What I saw as a struggle, may have been a growth point or opportunity for her.

My passion is in helping others thrive and attain results. Seeing people utilize the advice and skills learned to achieve their personal success, inspires and motivates me to do even more. This business is the conduit for me to provide my knowledge and talents to propel people forward.

Every day that I wake up, there’s a new opportunity waiting for me to learn from.

I’m going to put a period here, because it sounds like another blog post in the making! 🙂

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