FMC Interviews Titan Express Tours Business Owner, Rashida Godwin

Fail Forward! Sage advice from an entrepreneur whose business appeared at first, unsalvageable.

If you fall down seven times, get back up eight!

As business people, no one I knew put ‘pandemic plan’ in their business plans. When you’ve built a successful business and are seemingly growing from strength to strength, the COVID-19 pandemic came entirely out of the left field. And when the central part of your business is tourism based that dealt a specific kind of blow.

Pivot is the buzz word that we now use for any entrepreneur or seasoned business owner who has managed to refocus their business strategy. Titan Express Tours has been able to do just that!

Listen to our discussion of how this small business could refocus its energies and provide an even more customer-focused experience.

You may appreciate her story.

Listen to Rashida Godwin’s experience with re-focusing her business plan to work during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Pivoting In a Pandemic

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