An ODE to My Accountability Partner

FMC Interview with Power Coach, Kay Crawford – Live 365 with Kay

*I’m not a poet so forgive me in advance*

During our time of Stay in Place
Our 'Checking On You' chats became the base
To set up a weekly time to meet
To discuss our vision and goals and not cheat
Ourselves of achieving our long-held dreams 
We decided on one another to lean
To plan and discuss the launch of our businesses 
With our long lists of tasks, which was quite ambitious
We both were successful in achieving our goals 
Creating the things that make us whole
I wanted to share that achieving your dreams is quite probable
Find a reliable person to keep yourself accountable

Thank You Friend!

*Contact me to discuss a planned approach to achieving your goals 🙂

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FMC Vlog Interview with Power Coach – Kay Crawford – Live 365 with Kay! Making BOLD Moves – Full Interview

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Pivoting In a Pandemic

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