What matters most in all businesses, is Setting Your People Up for Success.

‘In a post-Covid-19 world, we now have an opportunity to rebuild in this new economy; which brings with it a new set of values, norms and opportunities. It is no more ‘Business as Usual.’

~ Premier David Burt (Summarized)

The building blocks of a successful business is how you onboard, train, assess and motivate your employees.

We can create, design and help implement an effective onboarding process, performance management tool and assist with training and coaching to ensure your talent management process is robust and tailored to work for your business.

Process NeededChallengesSolutions & Services Provided
OnboardingNot having a defined or consistent onboarding/orientation process for new employeesEmployee onboarding process created for the size of your organization
Performance AppraisalsManagement and employees do not buy into the annual exercise and do not see its value. Create and tailor the appraisal process your team will buy into.
(Annual, Performance Check-ins, 360s)
Performance Improvement PlanManagers and employees do not manage and communicate clear expectations around performance.A tool that will used to ensure that management and the associate will have a clear understanding of what is needed to change behaviors.
Development PlanNot having a clear path from an associate to management position or management to executive.A comprehensive tool to outline the tasks, behaviors and milestones one needs to accomplish to ready themselves for promotion.
Discipline ProceduresNot having the correct procedures in place to manage employee performance, attitude and behaviorGuidance notes and forms in alignment with the Employment Act
Exit InterviewsNot enough time, resources or trust to follow though on this important data acquisitionConfidential, standardized interview questions and reporting on an employee’s reason for leaving, suggestions and concerns regarding their employment.
Let us connect you to the right process for your organization

We have extensive standardized training options for your business needs. Our training offerings include Soft Skills, Customer Service, Supervisory and Management Leadership and Skills Trainings.

In addition to our scheduled courses, we provide on-site and customized trainings by request. If you do not see a course highlighted on our website that you need; please send a request to ask about our offerings.

Small and Large Group Trainings

On Site, One-on-One, Classroom or Online

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