FMC Interview with The Daily Hour – July 13, 2020

I was invited by The Daily Hour to share my views on employment trends post-COVID 19 and to provide advice to those who are seeking employment at this time. I had an enjoyable time with the hosts, Jamel Hardtman, Carla Zuill, and Jacklyn Lambert.

Please view the video below, provide feedback, share, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more information.

As a way to fulfill our Mission, to help Organizations and People Actualize their Potential to create better Individuals, Teams, and Businesses, we decided to create a YouTube channel. The channel will highlight skilled professionals – Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Human Resource Professionals – to start, and to ask them about their career progression and to highlight achievements.

Let’s Talk Business

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Pivoting In a Pandemic

Interviews with Human Resource Professionals to discuss how they’ve had to become more fluid with their processes to ensure that they continue to be effective business partners

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