The Vision for Force Multiplier Consulting is to be the Human Resource and Business Administration Consultancy and Talent Development Company to deliver value-added services and achieve leadership globally in developing and retaining superior human capital within our client’s establishments.

The Mission

The Mission is to help Organizations and People Actualize their Potential to create better Individuals, Teams, and Businesses. 

Terlena Murphy
Terlena Murphy

What I’ve learned in my 17+ years of experience as a Human Resource, Talent Development professional, with The Government of Bermuda, Private Sector, and Hospitality, is that achieving performance excellence is not through osmosis. It is the result of smart strategies, talented people, and determined pursuit of continuous development and excellence.

My Background

For most of my career, I worked as a Training Manager for The Government of Bermuda, managing a client portfolio consisting of varying Ministries and their departments; such as Public Works, Tourism and Transport, and National Security. I also worked at the Keytech Group of Companies as their Learning & Development Coordinator. A role I greatly appreciated, as my first employment opportunity to work in my chosen field after graduating from university. My time in hospitality with recognizable brands such as Rosewood and Marriott is where my passion for developing people was ignited

An important lesson I’ve learned in my professional career is that the leadership of all organizations, regardless if public or private, must work together with their associates to create the synergy needed for the company’s current and future successes. 

Human resource practice has led me to have a passion for partnering with middle and upper management in varying industries to assist in the development of succession planning for them and their employees.  Organizational restructuring and change management are other areas in which I supported management and staff through partnership initiatives. 

This included working with members of the team to coordinate development plans for individuals to guide them toward attaining qualifications and professional designations.  Facilitating, as well as directing persons to professional, educational and at times personal courses also served as a part of some of these partnerships.  Encouraging ongoing development helps to grow employees and their organizations.

Work with me to design and deliver innovative learning solutions to solve your personal career or business needs.

Let’s build something together.