As a way to fulfill our Mission, to help Organizations and People Actualize their Potential to create better Individuals, Teams, and Businesses, we decided to create a YouTube channel. The channel will highlight skilled professionals – Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Human Resource Professionals – to start, and to ask them about their career progression and to highlight achievements.

The first installments will focus on how they’ve managed through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shifting Focus – Making Hard Decisions

Interview with Business Leader, Mrs. Cheryl Hayward-Chew, President, CEO & Chairman of Meyer Group of Companies

Paradigm Shift

Interviews with Business Owners to discuss how they’ve had to pivot their business plans, train themselves and employees and adjust to their new normal

Let’s Talk Business

Information Nuggets of Business Insights shared by our Consultants or Business Professionals


Pivoting In a Pandemic

Interviews with Human Resource Professionals to discuss how they’ve had to become more fluid with their processes to ensure that they continue to be effective business partners

Full Video VLog with President, CEO & Chairman of Meyer Group of Companies

Terlena Murphy, the Principal Consultant of Force Multiplier Consulting, interviews the President, CEO, and Chairman of Meyer Group of Companies, Mrs. Cheryl Hayward-Chew to gain her perspective on Shifting Focus and Making Hard Decisions during the Covid-19 Pandemic. An insightful discussion of managing the business and its companies and the support is given to employees and managers (Essential and remote workers). Mrs. Hayward-Chew also provides advice for entrepreneurs and job seekers who may be seeking opportunities.

Let’s build something together.